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10 reasons to send thanks

Showing gratitude is easy, but it’s something we seldom do in our fast-paced society. It’s a shame because it is good for others and it is good for us, according to research from Harvard. It makes both the receiver and the gifter feel happier – one feels appreciated, the other feels kind and connected. 

Small steps to stay connected are empowering and increasingly vital, where sometimes it feels there are many forces pulling us apart. 

In case you aren’t yet convinced, we have collected ten reasons to say thanks. 

Who are you sending it to?

Helping with a house move

There isn’t much that’s more stressful than moving house. All those boxes, the logistics of moving them, carrying them, and a small time-window to do it in. Someone offered to help and you know it was a great act of kindness–this is no task most people would offer themselves up for willingly. 

Perhaps they carried heavy boxes or drove their van from one property to another–maybe they helped you pack or take things to charity. Whatever the extent of their help, they mitigated your worries and overall made the move more seamless. 

You may feel indebted to them, even if they didn’t think of it as something transactional but as helping out a friend, loved one or neighbor. Show gratitude by sending a thank you card. In a personal message you can convey how appreciated their input was, and how much more terrible the job would have been had you done it all on your own. 

Being there for someone

This might not sound that big a deal but it is no small feat. We all have busy lives that take us away from other people. Choosing to be with someone through thick and thin shows great kindness. 

The late Thich Nhat Hanh said it best: “If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence.” 

Maybe this person was there for you or for someone else during a time of crisis, poor health, relationship turmoil, or grief. However big or small, they recognized you needed them to be there for you, and they were. 

We can show our gratitude by being there for them, too, when they need it. Sending a personalized thank you card is a perfect gesture. Or, go the extra mile by sending them some Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles.

Looking after someone when they’re sick

We all probably know someone who looked after you or a loved one when they were sick. Be it a partner, parent, medical professional or friend. Some illnesses have us bedridden and out of work, and looking after someone when they’re sick is often a selfless act. 

It can mean actively supporting their recovery by picking up their medicine or helping with daily injections. It can also mean helping out with daily tasks such as food shopping, cooking, and even helping with bathing or getting dressed. Sometimes, looking after someone can be a small gesture such as making them a cup of tea with lemon or honey. 

Other conditions mean hospitalization: we can thank medical professionals: doctors or nurses who performed life-saving or life-improving surgery, washed bed pans and generally helped pull someone through hard times. It is their job, but we know how overworked people in this industry are–many do it above all because they care about their patients. 

Whoever they are, you know they did what they thought was right, but you were grateful for this person, and expressing gratitude can make them feel good. 

Hosting a dinner

Someone hosted an incredible dinner party. The food was amazing, the wine pairings well-considered, the conversation flowed effortlessly and you all got on well. Hosting a dinner party sounds like a lovely idea–in theory. When it comes down to the practicalities of it, there’s timing all the food so it doesn’t burn, ensuring all dietary requirements are met, keeping people entertained as you hurry, panicked, between the kitchen and the table. 

Your host was probably delighted to host a dinner party and bring everyone together, despite not being able to relax quite so much as the guests, but they’d be even happier if they received a heartfelt thank you for an amazing evening. Pair it with this cute Thank You Mini Jar Of Paper Roses in a matchbox.


Never underestimate the value of good and reliable childcare. You had been looking for some downtime for a while and finally the opportunity came up to see that new film, play or musical everyone is raving about, or go out for dinner, or whatever else it is you slightly missed about your pre-parenthood life. 

Leaving your children at home can be stressful. They pop up in your mind throughout the evening, you might worry about them missing you or eating properly or going to bed at a reasonable hour. But rest-assured, you came home to happy, sleeping children and a tidy house–or perhaps your baby-sitter checked in with you throughout the evening, to calm your nerves.

Finally you can relax completely on your nights off parenting, and return to it refreshed.  When you find someone who you trust with your children, let them know they are appreciated. A well-thought out thank you card with this Chocomania Gnaw Chocolate Bar will surely have them coming back to baby-sit again! 

Being amazing

Sometimes no reason is needed–you feel a surge of gratitude to have such an amazing friend, teacher, colleague, boss, parent, guardian, student–the list goes on. Expressing gratitude is good for the sender and the receiver. They will feel the buzz of being appreciated, and cultivating gratitude makes you happier too. What’s more, it strengthens this relationship. 

Sending thank you cards shows you’re genuinely grateful, and that you put time and thought into it. Nothing says you’re amazing quite like flowers – many of our bouquets will conveniently slip through their letterbox so they don’t even need to be home (UK only). 


House-sitting is a job people get paid to do. Someone did it for you for free and they probably worried endlessly about turning off the lights and the oven, and locking the door. More stressful yet if you have pets or plants they had to remember to feed and water correctly. 

So you’ve returned home and the house is all in order, your pets are happy and your plants alive and well. You’re pleased to say you would trust them again with the keys to your home – not something you can say about just anyone. A huge thank you is in order, whether they were paid to do it or did it voluntarily. You hope they’ll be able to help you out again in the future.

Sharing some wisdom

We may only fully understand this one in hindsight. You may have been going through a crisis, or on the precipice of making a life-changing decision. When at one of life’s many crossroads, our thoughts crisscross so much, it’s hard to be certain how exactly we feel or what we want. 

Someone who’s been where you were, or can see things from the outside, pitched in with their advice when you solicited it, and it changed the course of your life. Perhaps it saved a relationship – or saved you from a bad relationship – or helped you choose what you really wanted to do with your time. 

Maybe you appreciated them even in the moment: you wanted someone to read your novel and offer advice, tell you about their experience of parenthood or help you with trip planning. Send thanks and surprise them with this attractive, easy-to-care-for Crocodile Fern (UK only)

Doing a great job

Your colleague, collaborator or employee has gone above and beyond with their work. They’ve worked deliberately and carefully, and it’s impressive. Perhaps a colleague made your job easier by putting their all into a project, or an employee did exactly what you had in mind–perhaps even more. Or a collaborator worked so well you are convinced of the old adage, ‘two minds are better than one.’ 

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself – share them and make two people happy – or more if more people were involved. Let them know that their contribution was helpful, vital even, by sending a thank you card and perhaps a special something tasty like this Giant Hersey’s Kiss.

Everything they do

This person may be someone you know, or even a stranger. Perhaps it’s someone who has made the world, or their corner of it, a better place. Send a personalized thank you card and let them know you hold them in such great esteem and how it has made your life, and the community, better. They will likely find it amazing that someone took the time to express gratitude. 

Make it personal

Practicing gratitude also means really listening to someone, and attempting to see them. What do they like? What don’t they like? We know how some will be delighted at the idea of a surprise party,  while others will shrink in horror. The same goes for food, color and music preferences – it’s all very personal. 

We have a variety of different personalized thank you cards to suit different tastes and personalities. Write your own message inside. People value being appreciated and understood, and by learning to express gratitude externally, we in turn get more in touch with our feelings, and bridge distances, so it’s a win-win. 

Send with one of our carefully curated gifts so they have something to unwrap. Perhaps you know they are a chocoholic, making chocolate another easy choice.  

Send a gift with TouchNote to express your gratitude, and feel good knowing you’ve made the world a little kinder. 

TouchNote / June 2022
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