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12 Unique Christmas Card Ideas

Sending Christmas cards with Touchnote is easy. No stamps to lick, no evenings spent writing messages and addresses. In fact, the hardest part is choosing photos to personalise your card!

With the festive season almost upon us, we’ve rounded up 12 ideas to personalise yours. Whether you use a favourite pic from earlier this year, or you take a special festive photo for 2015, your card will take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

1. Dress up

For many, there’s no such thing as too much Christmas. It’s easy to add a few props to make your photo even more festive – it could be a cute festive onesie on your little one, fake beards, red noses, santa hats or reindeer horns – ‘tis the season!

2. Picking the Christmas tree

Picking out the tree for the family home has long been a tradition for many across the globe. Turn that activity into a fantastic photo op and share the first excitement of the Christmas season on your card.

3. Festive pets

Our furry friends provide us with some of the most heartwarming and amusing photographs! So if you’re feeling a bit camera shy or just have a cuddly companion that you know will really make someone smile, grab the camera (and, if they don’t protest, maybe a costume!) and get snapping.

4. Highlight of the year

If it’s been a while since you were last in touch, your Christmas card is perfect for sharing this year’s biggest news. Whether it be moving home, graduation – or a new family member! And thanks to our easy multi-card sending, you can quickly send your card keep in touch with everyone 🙂

5. Sunny Christmas

Heading for some winter sun? Or live somewhere more sandy than snowy? (Hello, lovely Australian Touchnote users! 🙂 ) Not a problem – our Christmas card designs will give even the most sizzling, summery photos a festive feel.

6. Bauble reflection

For the artier amongst you, or those of you looking for something a little different – why not capture things from a different perspective and take a photo of your reflection in a shiny Christmas decoration?

7. Bubble beards

Create a Christmas card with a silly snap that’s fun to photograph and fun to receive! It’s super easy: just pop the kids in the bath, add tons of bubbles, a santa hat, and away you go!

8. Family collage

Sometimes, getting all the family members to pose nicely at once can be challenging! So why not use our collage feature* and add in a photo of each one of you? Make the collage from your favourite pics, or you can even have a running theme between the photos – wear matching cheesy jumpers, or hold up plaques with words to spell out your festive message.

9. Christmas kids

It’s hard to believe how quickly they change – a year is a long time! And nothing makes people smile quite like those little faces! So it’s not surprising that photos of the kids are one of the top photo choices on Touchnote Christmas cards.

10. Classic family photo

Sometimes the traditional things just can’t be beaten! Gather the kids, pets, gran and grandad, any or all of your nearest and dearest, and take a photo together. Whether it’s in your festive knitwear, or you just use an old favourite, a photo of the whole family is sure to spread happiness and help you keep in touch this season.

11. Baby in a box

Special delivery! We all love an adorable, novelty photo, and this quirky photo idea has both 🙂 Pop your little treasure into a Christmas present box for a cute photograph and make the sweetest card on the mantelpiece. After all, to us, they are the greatest gift in the world!

12. Bring out the mistletoe

Sending to a special someone? Pucker up, snap a selfie and send them some special Christmas <3 All I want for Christmas, is yooooouuuuu….

And, if you find yourself really in rush, or would rather not use a photo, you can choose one of our festive illustrations for you card instead 🙂

Try your photos in our Christmas templates now in our apps or at

*Collages currently available Christmas cards on iPhone, iPad and Android – coming this year to!


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