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8 surprise postcards to make you smile

With Touchnote it’s easy to make someone smile with a personalised, surprise postcard. After all, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving something unexpected in the post!

We got in touch with 8 card senders who surprised people with their photos. Read on to see how they delighted their loved ones, all with a couple of taps 📱

An adorable thanks

Emma’s lucky daughter had a lovely toy giraffe made for her by her great grandma.

‘I sent her this postcard to say thanks. She lives quite far away so she loves to receive personalised photo postcards of my daughter. It keeps her updated on how much she’s growing. I think sending postcards is a lovely way of keeping in touch with family. There’s no need to go to the postbox with Touchnote, it’s all done for you.’

An Icelandic getaway

These breathtaking photos were taken by Clare and Andy amongst the beautiful nature of Iceland.

‘We wanted to show our parents how awesome it was there, and let them know we were thinking of them. They were thrilled to receive the cards, although they admitted they were a little envious of the time we spent there. Touchnote postcards are so much quicker to get to your loved ones than a traditional postcard, they arrived before we got home!’

An update for Nana

Gemma and her boys wanted to let Nana know about their adventure in the woods, looking for fairy houses.

‘She loves to see what they’ve have been up to and was delighted with her latest card. She doesn’t use the internet so Touchnote is the perfect way for us to share our favourite pics – she keeps them all on display as they are such great quality! There’s nothing quite like receiving a beautiful, personalised card in the post.’

A fun thank you

We couldn’t help but grin when we saw this pic of Jacqui and her two sisters-in-law.

‘I love this photo, it makes me smile every time I look at it! We were away in Portsmouth for a girls weekend, and we were having a few laughs, taking selfies in our hotel bathroom! I sent the photos out as thank you notes for such a fun weekend.’

A memento from Mum

Louise and her family went to visit her daughter at uni, and sent her a card as a memento of their fun together.

‘She was so thrilled with the card. I’ve sent several to her before and they’re always really well received. She has them up on her wall! I’ve sent them to other people too and they always message me to say what a lovely surprise and keepsake they are.’

A cute smile for Grandma

This snap of little Elizabeth on the swings was taken by her mum Alex and sent to her grandma, who lives quite far away.

“She doesn’t get to see Elizabeth as much as she’d like to, so she was thrilled with the postcard. She always is when I send postcards to her. I’ve always been really happy with the quality of the cards, so much so that I even send them to myself!

A thoughtful keepsake

Sarah sent this photo to her Mum as a reminder of a great time they had at a ‘Christmas in July’ party 10 years ago.

‘My mum’s now in a nursing home in a different state. I hadn’t spoken to her for a while, so I thought this card would cheer her up. She loved it and has it on display in her room! When I rang her, she enjoyed reminiscing about that day. I also sent my daughter postcards when she was away at camp. I don’t have to have pens, cards, stamps, or look for a post box. Whenever I think of her, I can just send her a card straight away!

A sun-soaked holiday

Jason made us all envious with these sunny Caribbean snaps that he sent to his mum.

‘She doesn’t have a smartphone so she can’t receive pictures any other ways. She gets lots of Touchnote cards from me and she loves them. I think people still like to receive postcards in the mail, and we use Touchnote to send pictures to many family members.’

Thanks to all of the card senders for letting us share their cards and stories with you 😊

Who do you like to surprise with your postcards? Let us know in the comments below!

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