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#Touchnote Card of the Month – David’s Adventure

April’s #Touchnote Card of the Month comes from David, who left his home country of Scotland in January to go explore South America!

I’ve been using Touchnote to send friends and family postcards from where I’ve travelled. I mostly send postcards to my mum, to let her see where I am and let her know I’m safe.

This photo of David was taken at Tongariki on Easter Island, an island famous for its iconic stone heads.

Tongariki is a platform with 15 Moai statues in a row, the most at any one location. When I was taking pictures I came up with the idea to angle the picture so it looked like I was a “live Moai”. When I saw how it came out I knew it would make an excellent postcard!

Could your card be our next Card of the Month? Upload any photo of your card to Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook Page with the hashtag #Touchnote and you could win credits!

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