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Don’t worry, be hoppy this Easter

This Easter will be different to most. A few things we do know: it won’t feel like a Sunday at all — the days are melting into one — lunch will be rustled up with whatever the supermarket shelves have left to offer and you’ll be clinking your glasses through a computer screen. At least the ubiquitous Easter Egg Hunt can be enjoyed inside or out and keep the little ones on their best behaviour [for a hot minute]. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.

While the kids are cooped up inside and family members are scattered across cul-de-sacs, county lines and continents, here are some suggestions to keep them entertained; and make an already memorable Easter, even more so.

Bake some Easter inspired treats

Carrot cake, chocolate-egg cupcakes, bunny ear traybakes. It’s likely you’ve been fine tuning your baking skills in these times of self-isolation, and if not, now is a good time to start. Get the kids involved and send your recipes to the rest of the family in the form of a card. Or just use it as somewhere to show-off your latest creations.

Paint their own eggs or artwork

Creativity is everywhere you look at the moment. Times of change usually reveal our artistic side. Now is no different. With the kids at home, keep them busy with some Easter art briefs; it could be painting eggs or pencilling their own Easter illustrations. Whatever you land on, why not give it a spot on the wall with a canvas?

Send a card to family and friends

The new Easter artwork range has landed in the app, and you might be surprised by the impact a little card can make. While you may not be celebrating together in person, a personal message just to let them know you’re thinking of them, reminding them of the good times you’ve had, and better times to come, will be sure to elevate their day.

Easter Egg hunt

Get the kids excited for this year’s egg hunt with a card from the Easter Bunny. It’s also a good way to keep them on their best behaviour.

That should be enough to kick-start a week of Easter activities. Head over to the app to start sending our latest range of Easter illustrations or a card from the Easter Bunny himself.

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