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Step-By-Step Summer Postcard Guide

Keeping track of your most memorable travel experiences can be challenging, especially when you’re hopping from place-to-place taking in the sights. 

The pandemic took away time to be free and explore the world. Now you can celebrate some of the world’s most beautiful places with your loved ones, with personalized postcards. 

But, the world is a beautiful place and experiencing it is something that should be shared with those who matter most to you. That’s why summer postcards are the perfect way to send love to those you care about.

With TouchNote, you can create personalized summer postcards that will forever capture the excitement and beauty of where you were at that moment. By sending a postcard, you tell your story in words and images and get to share your adventures with the world.

TouchNote ensures that making a tailored summer postcard that stands out is both convenient and affordable. Here are the basic steps: 

  1. Choose a favorite picture that captures all your summer adventures.

  2. Think carefully about what to write on your postcard. Create a quick but clever message about your summer and what you’re enjoying most.

  3. Click send, and off your postcard goes – to anywhere and anyone.

Picking the Perfect Image

When finding the perfect image for a summer postcard, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Most importantly, think about what kind of mood you want to bring to life with your postcard. Do you want it to be… 

  • Joyful? – (Try a photo with a big grin in front of your favorite attraction).

  • Humorous? – (Let out your fun side with a silly face)

  • Heartfelt? – (If you want to share the rollercoaster of emotions your summer experiences are bringing, why not go with the tried and tested photo of you gazing thoughtfully into the distance?) 

There are a few practical things you’ll need to consider too. 

First, the size and shape of your image. Will it fit comfortably on the front of your postcard? Or will the best bits end up cropped off? Be sure to pick an image that fits properly – otherwise, your loved ones may receive a postcard with an unintended close-up of your shoe.

Sign-in to TouchNote now to start your search for that perfect image.

Get Creative With Your summer Postcards

Whether you’re sending cards from the beach, the mountains, or the middle of nowhere, summertime is the perfect time to get creative with your postcards. Whether you want to send a fun message or capture a beautiful view, there are plenty of ways to make your postcard stand out.

Use TouchNote’s personalization options – including travel stickers and customisable stamps – to make every postcard you send as unique as your many adventures.

You could go all out and create your very own colorful and fun design. Or keep things simple with a snapshot of you and your friends enjoying summer activities. 

Wondering how to write a postcard people will remember? Try including interesting captions which captures the magic of the place you visited. For example, describe the colors in the picture or why you think it’s an excellent place to visit during summertime. If you’re feeling playful, throw in some travel puns or an Instagram-worthy caption to make your postcard capture your personality.

Whichever route you choose, include some clever words of wisdom or encouragement on each one.

Get Specific About Where You’re Sending Your Summer Postcard From

If you use our app to place your order, you can even include a map to pinpoint where the postcard is coming from, to help your loved ones follow along with your summer adventures. This makes them feel included and gives them peace of mind, knowing where you are. 

Or, if you are easily reachable in case of emergencies, why not turn your stream of postcards into a game? Try sending mystery postcards full of clues about your location and see if they can guess where you are. TouchNote’s unlimited plan lets you send unlimited postcards from every location, to keep the them guessing for your whole trip.

Sending To Loved Ones 

Summertime is a great time to send postcards to loved ones. It’s a quick and easy way to show them how much you miss them and wish they were there alongside you. 

A personal touch goes a long way to making your loved one feel included. That’s why TouchNote gives you endless options to choose from, from beautiful postcard templates or creating your own. Once you’ve finished, just fill out the details on the card and mail it off.

Where To Store Your Postcards

Whether you’re a fan of getting postcards in the mail or love taking pictures to share with your friends and family, you may be wondering how to keep them safe for years to come. 

Postcards are snapshots of treasured memories, and we all love looking through old photos and reminiscing about the wonderful times we’ve had. 

Postcards make great physical mementos. Don’t be shy – display them around your house, such as on your fridge, mantelpiece or desk, so everyone who sees them gets to experience the fun you had. 

If you’re short on space to store postcards, collecting the images into a TouchNote hardback photo book is your best option to ensure your memories will last.

Send summer Postcards with TouchNote

TouchNote is a great way to send summer postcards in the mail. With TouchNote, you can ensure each postcard you send is uniquely designed to suit whoever receives it. From a fun, exotic, and vibrant photo to personalizable text, you can create a memorable postcard that shares the adventures you’ve experienced with those who matter most to you.

TouchNote / June 2022
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