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Dads of TouchNote – Fatherly Advice

At TouchNote we celebrate all fathers on Father’s Day. Recently we introduced Catalina Williams talking us through her creation process of Father’s Day cards.

Whether you’re a new Dad or are a father of many, we’d like to share some words of wisdom from the Dads of TouchNote. 

Dan Ziv, CEO and Father of two:

  • Don’t forget to take good care of the main character in the household: your partner. Then everything else will fall into place.

  • Enjoy sleeping while you can.

Luca Brandovardi, Graphic Designer and new Dad:

“Enjoy and cherish every single second with the little one and try not to miss a single moment as each one is very special. Also, there will be poop. Lots of poop. So better get ready in advance.”

Kostas Chaveles, Senior Retention Marketing Manager recommends: 

  • Forget about sleeping for a year or so, it’s overrated anyway!

  • The perfect dad doesn’t exist. You will make loads of mistakes, so just try to get better.

  • Love yourself and your partner as much as you love your kid(s).

  • Leftovers will be your main dish.

Surprise your father with a personalised Father’s Day card as unique as him. From dads-to-be and new dads to grandfathers.

Our new Father’s Day card designs are now available

Take a look and turn your photos into a super card for Dad.

TouchNote / June 2021
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