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Together Apart: Stories from lockdown

One joy of our daily work at TouchNote is hearing how our app has made our users lives easier. As you can imagine, over the past few weeks, the stories have been coming in thick and fast.

A couple of weeks ago, Hollie got in touch with us to share how she’s been catching up with her Grandma. She had just finished a trip travelling down the east coast of Australia. Then, almost overnight, restrictions on travel were imposed, and lockdown was introduced, extending her stay. With her grandma and the rest of her family back in Yorkshire, and the obstacles of opposing time-zones, as well as thousands of miles between them, this called for creative ways to stay in touch with one another.


“TouchNote was so useful to be able to send a little message and picture that she wouldn’t see online”

Enter TouchNote. Though Hollie admits her grandma’s tech use has improved by leaps and bounds, it’s still something she’s getting to grips with. Hollie and her family were finding it hard to schedule in a time for everyone to get together, and the physical distance made it even harder. With TouchNote, it was a simple way to send a message and picture that she otherwise wouldn’t see if someone posted it to Instagram or Facebook.

The pleasure it brings comes full circle. Hollie says that “when I see videos of my grandma showing off her postcard it gives me a lot of happiness.” She adds that her favourite feature is the personalised stamp, decorating each card with a picture of her and a kangaroo as the stamp, which her grandparents look out for every time they receive a card in the post.

“That sense of reaching out, showing that you care, showing a bit of extra effort rather than just sending a text message. It’s that bit more.”

It keeps things that bit more personal, a way to connect that sits happily between fleeting uploads and in-person conversation. It’s a way for Hollie to breathe fresh life into the photos sitting in her phone, and a way for grandma to stay in the loop of all that Holly gets up to down under.

Hollie’s story is just the first in a new TouchNote series, Together Apart. Each episode will feature stories that shine a light on how TouchNote is doing exactly that, keeping you and your loved ones together while you find yourselves physically separated.

Do you have a great TouchNote story like Hollie? Or do you use TouchNote cards creatively, uniquely or use them to stay in touch over a long-distance? We want to hear from you!

Get in touch to tell your Together Apart anecdotes and share your story with our community:


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