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What is a letterbox gift and why should you send them?

A letterbox gift is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a lovely gift mailed through the letterbox. Remember the days of having to give away the surprise by asking your friends or family when they’re in so you can send them a parcel? Letterbox gifts mean your lucky loved one doesn’t have to be at home to accept it. 

Letterbox presents have been a lifesaver in recent years. They have allowed us to celebrate loved ones’ birthdays and other significant occasions when we couldn’t be with them in person.

When you can’t see your loved ones in person or need something shipped quickly, postbox gifts are a godsend. Not only do they make the process so simple (all you have to do is select your favorite, and it will arrive pre-wrapped through their door), but they’re also small enough to fit through the letterbox. 

Whether you’re looking for letterbox birthday gifts for her, the best letterbox gifts for him, or for your closest friend, letterbox gifts reign supreme as the most convenient gifting option for every occasion. 

Ideas for Letterbox Gifts

Whatever the occasion, there’s a letterbox gift for everyone.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest letterbox gifts available here at TouchNote. There is a beautiful and diverse choice of letterbox gifts, ranging from flowers to food to little tokens that last a lifetime.

Remember, letterbox gifts can be given for any occasion, including as thank you, get well soon, or birthday gifts, and for anniversaries.

Flower Letterbox Gifts

Sending flowers through the letterbox seems pretty odd. We’ve mastered the art of letterbox gift packing, so there’s enough space inside for an entire forest. Look through our assortment of pre-picked bouquets. We’re confident you’ll discover one that your loved one will appreciate.

Letterbox flowers are wonderful. With a huge variety to choose from, you can always match the perfect flower to the right person – they’re bound to be a hit.

Did you know you can also send plants as letterbox gifts?

Whether you want to add a little pizazz to your holiday gift-giving or just want to express some love, letterbox plants are the way to go. From having therapeutic properties to simply looking lovely in your loved one’s garden, plants make great presents. Why not give the gift of green to someone special?

Why not try…

  • Succulent plants as birthday gifts – Succulent plants are popular mailbox gifts because they come in various forms and sizes and can grow indoors if no garden is available.

  • Blooming herbs as new home gifts – Herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lavender are popular options since they have several uses, particularly in the kitchen.

Food Letterbox Gifts

Want to mix the beauty of flowers with the delectability of chocolate? Here’s a clever present idea: send a letterbox gift of our Madelaine Milk Chocolate Foiled Red Roses.

It’s true. The stomach is the gateway to the heart. 

So, show your love with chocolate letterbox bundles. Make someone’s day with TouchNote’s A Night for Cocoa Bundle – filled with an indulgent mix of treats. It’s guaranteed never to disappoint. 

Is your loved one a fan of popcorn? TouchNote offers Hammond’s Popcorn Selection, which is sure to suit everyone’s senses, whether they want sweet, salty, or the stickiness of toffee popcorn.

Little Tokens Letterbox Gifts

The finest mailbox gifts are those that your loved one can treasure forever.

Photo frames are excellent letterbox gifts as you can personalize them with the recipient’s name or a unique message. They are also a convenient way to show pictures, paintings, or other mementoes from the recipient’s history, making frames the ideal present for grandparents.

Why not fill a Gold Bamboo 5×7 Picture Frame with beautiful memories? From family photos to your love story, they’re ideal if you’re feeling nostalgic and genuinely want to show someone you love them.

Or, send a magnet as a small symbol of your affection. Your loved one can put them up on display and enjoy them for years to come. Every time they walk by the fridge door, they will notice your magnet and immediately remember how much you care for them.

Need extra inspiration? Let TouchNote guide you through the best cards and gifts to send in 2022.

Send Letterbox Gifts with TouchNote

Even if you can’t be with them, let loved ones know you’re thinking about them with a letterbox gift carefully picked and designed to fit neatly through the door. Send your gift across the world, and add a personalized card for that extra special someone. No matter the gift you choose, it will undoubtedly be an exciting mailbox surprise.

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