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What to write on a funeral flowers card

Finding the right words to express your sympathy or well wishes after someone has lost a loved one can feel like an impossible task.

While there aren’t any magic words that will make the pain go away, writing kind sympathy card messages can make a small but important difference on a difficult day. 

To help you out, we wrote this guide to help you find the right words to express your compassion. We also covered when to send flowers and which ones to send with your funeral card.

Should you send flowers to a funeral? 

There are two main reasons why you should send flowers to a funeral.

Firstly, flowers are a widely-accepted way to show your support, respect, and condolences to those who are grieving. By sending the deceased’s loved ones flowers, it shows you are keeping them in your thoughts.

Sending flowers to a funeral is also a poignant way of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away. Flowers may be small, but they are a powerful statement that show your grief and sympathy. 

Which flowers are suitable for a funeral? 

Flowers have been used to express condolences since ancient times. So, if you do decide to send flowers with your funeral card, remember that they have a long history, and each type has a special meaning.

Traditionally, funeral flowers are white, but any color is appropriate if it is in keeping with the funeral service theme. Popular funeral flower choices include lilies, roses, orchids, and carnations.

We have a few recommendations if you’re unsure:

  • Choose a delicate arrangement that will not overpower the memorial space. A mix of fresh flowers is ideal.

  • Select a bouquet of fresh white flowers, which represent peace and innocence, to celebrate and honor the deceased’s life.

  • If the deceased’s family are religious, pick an arrangement of wildflowers as they symbolize renewal and new beginnings.

If you need more ideas of flowers to send, have a look through our collection (UK only) 

What to write on a funeral flowers card

When you plan to send flowers in memory of a loved one, it is important to choose the right funeral card that expresses your condolences and sympathy to the grieving family. The following are some tips for writing a funeral flowers card:

  1. If you knew the deceased person well, make the card personal. Write about all the things you loved about them and how much they meant to you. Don’t forget to write about any meaningful memories you two shared. Stories are especially meaningful and memorable.

  2. If you didn’t know the deceased well but want to show your support for their family, write your card expressing your sadness and condolences to the family members. 

When it comes to writing a funeral card, always consider the person you are writing to and what feels comfortable for them. If you need some more specific advice, we’ve added it below.

What to write on funeral flower cards for your friend

If your friend has passed away and you want to write a funeral card to send to their family, remember to keep things sweet and heartfelt. Everyone grieves in different ways, so it’s best to avoid humor in your card, even if you know your friend would appreciate it. This helps you avoid accidentally upsetting their family.

Keep it warm and straightforward by offering your condolences and sharing an appropriate memory of your friend. Saying something positive about them will also show that you were close to them and care about their passing.

What to write on funeral flower cards for a loved one’s mom or dad 

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things to go through. When someone you know loses one, it’s essential to be delicate and understanding as they’ve lost someone they’ve known their whole life. Remember, they haven’t even begun to come to terms with a new way of life without the comfort of a parent to lean back on.

Writing a simple message in the funeral card, such as “My sympathies go out to you”, is perfect if you didn’t know the deceased very well. Or you could share a favorite story, or simply tell your loved one how much you’ll be there for them. 

No matter what you choose to write, sending a card at such a difficult time will make sure your loved one know you will always be there for them.

What to write on funeral flower cards for your loved one’s husband or wife 

When a loved one is hurting, they’re used to relying on their other half to get them through the tough times. When they lose their significant other, they feel like they’ve got no one left to turn to.

When writing a funeral card for them, you may wish to talk directly to the deceased’s partner and mention how you will be there for them if they need to talk. Reaching out like this is a heartfelt gesture they will notice and genuinely appreciate. 

Short verses for funeral flower cards  

Choosing funeral cards that express the deceased’s personality and beliefs is important. Consider choosing funeral flower cards with short verses that express condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. A short verse on the card can help express your feelings through familiar sayings that provide comfort to those who are grieving.

  • For a friend’s loved one, try: “Many friends come into our lives, but only a few leave with their footprints on our hearts.”

  • For a loved one’s mum or dad, try: “You were the most caring and loving mother/father in the world. Rest now and be at peace.”

  • For a loved one’s husband or wife, try: “Your happiness and love will remain in our hearts.”

How to sign off a funeral flower card 

When writing a funeral flower card, it is important to remember to sign off with a respectful expression of thanks. Don’t forget to include your name.

If you want to offer your support to the deceased’s family, the kindest way to sign off a funeral flower card is to write your name, address, and phone number, along with a mention of how they can contact you at any time.

Send funeral cards and flowers with TouchNote

If you want a heartfelt funeral card filled with memories, use our personalizable features to help create the right tone for your card, featuring your favorite photo of you, or your loved one, with the deceased. This will remind your loved ones that you truly do miss them. With TouchNote, we make showing your heartfelt sympathy as simple and stress-free as possible.

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