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Celebrating the class of 2022

Whether they passed their high school exams, graduated college, or achieved their masters, the class of 2022 deserve to be congratulated. Especially since the majority of their schooling was during the height of the pandemic. 

But what’s the best way to celebrate them, and what do you write in a graduation card? This guide has the answers. We’ll go into detail about why you should be celebrating, and how to best show your pride in the graduates. Send a personalized graduation card, a thoughtful gift, or maybe (if they’re old enough) a bottle of their favorite drink. Just make sure they know how much of an achievement graduating is. 


Your family member, friend, or loved one just graduated – it’s okay to get sentimental as this is a special moment for everyone involved. Whether you helped pay their way through college or gave them a place to study in peace, it’s a good time to share how much this moment means to the both of you. 

Let them know how much you understood their stress the night before the results came in, hoping that they went the right way. Or reminisce on the days when you took their mind off the pressure of revision by distracting them with a night out. Let them know how proud you are that they got those amazing results, and that you were with them every step of the way.  

Looking ahead

With the sentimental stuff out of the way, show how excited you are about what’s to come in their future. They can finally get that dream job, or move into their own place. The world is in their hands, and they can finally get started on everything they set out to do. 

School is over. They’re in the real world now. Having you there to help them and to let them know what they can expect (or to just be there, along for the ride), will help steady their nerves. Be optimistic, show your excitement, and let them know that their years of hard work are about to pay off. 

Recognizing what they’ve overcome

The class of 2022 really went through the wringer. They started their studies during the height of the pandemic, and in spite of that, they made their way through it. In any other year, the trials and tribulations of the academic world would have been hard enough, but to make it through both means they must be made of sturdy stuff.

Tell them that you recognize everything they’ve gone through, and how proud you are that they came out the other side. They deserve all the praise in the world, and your card of congratulations should reflect that.

Let’s not forget the students that had to work their way through their studies either. They were fighting to make it out with good grades, and those that managed it deserve something special. Why not treat them to some Dark Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles? They deserve it! 

Offer some wisdom

Now’s your chance to offer a little bit of advice – some sage wisdom that will help them get started in their post-student life. You might be the same age or you might have a few years on them, but regardless, they’ll be happy to hear from you. Even if you’ve only been in the full-time working world a year longer than they have, you’ll have some practical experience they’ll love to hear about. 

Let them know what they should expect in their first real job, and how to navigate the dreaded office environment. Tell them that they’ve got nothing to fear and that if they got through their studies, they can get through anything. Why not buy them a Moleskin notebook, to help them organize their days, and make their first week at work just that bit easier?

A pinch of nostalgia

After looking towards the future, it’s time to return to the past – where your graduate friend or family member came from, and what it took them to get to where they are today. Up until now, they’ve spent most of their time in the school system, so focus on how far they’ve come in those few short years. 

Include a picture of their very first day of school, when they looked all wide-eyed and innocent. Or one from the last day of high school, all dressed up and ready to go to Prom. Let them know how proud you are of how far they’ve come, and give them pictures of their journey so far. 

Send graduation cards with TouchNote

A personalized graduation card by TouchNote lets you include personal images and messages, so you can tailor them to your graduate. Whether it’s a way to remember your favorite memories together, or to just let them know how proud you are, you’ll be able to include pictures of every step of their academic life. Pair it with the gift of a photo frame and give them a place to show off all the new memories they’ll make.  

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