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What to write in a thank you teacher card

So many teachers work hard to help their students during the school year and it’s important to thank them – A great way to make them feel like they’ve actually made a difference is to send them a personalized thank you teacher card. You’ll likely do this from your perspective as a parent, but you could also write a card together with your child. 

But what should you write in it? We’ll help you figure out what to say in your card based on the subject they teach, so you can show your kid’s favorite teacher just how much you appreciate them. 

English teacher 

Books, books, and more books (and maybe a poem or two). Let your kid’s English teacher know just how enjoyable their lessons were by referencing the books and poems that were studied that year. Include a quote or two to prove your child read the books and their English teacher will feel like they really made an impact. 

Tell them about all the new books your child is reading and explain how they were the one who stoked their interest in the first place. They’ll love to know that they made a difference. You could even ask your child to recommend a book for their teacher to read, or let them know about one they should give to their students next year. 

Science teacher 

Science classes are often the most memorable and that’s due in no small part to the teacher. Every new concept is accompanied by an exciting experiment – which sometimes comes close to setting off the sprinklers. 

Tell your kid’s Science teacher how excited they were after every lesson, because they always managed to make the difficult topics fun. Let them know why their class was the most anticipated at school. You can ask your kid which topics they liked the most throughout the year, and mention these in the card.

Explain how your kid always talks about wanting to go into a career in science, because they were inspired by their teacher. Remind them that your child will always have fond memories of their time in the classroom.  

Math teacher

Let’s be honest, Math wasn’t ever really considered a fun subject at school. Yet your kids’ Math teacher somehow made it one of their favorite classes, because they were always willing to go the extra mile. 

Explain how you kid loved that this teacher always made complex equations easy to understand and how thankful they were whenever they went back over something that hadn’t quite clicked yet. 

Tell this teacher how much you appreciate everything they taught your kid, and how sure you are that these skills will be really important to know as they grow older. They’ll be overjoyed to know their effort was appreciated and happy that your kid understands just how important this subject is. 

History teacher 

You always learn something new in History class. While other teachers made it one of the most stuffy and boring classes, your kids’ teacher understood just how exciting the subject can be. When you thank your child’s History teacher, make sure to reference the periods of history they studied throughout the year. Show this teacher that what they taught you kid has stayed with them. 

Thank them for teaching every historical period without bias and for always staying true to the facts. They made sure to show both sides of a conflict and taught your kid how to think critically. But more than anything, they stoked that flame of fascination, and for that, they should be applauded. 

Gym teacher

Gym is a divisive class. Some loved it – they got to show off their skills in front of an audience. Others hated it – their teachers made them go out in any weather, even when it was raining. If you’re reading this guide and want to thank a gym teacher on your behalf or for your child, we’ll assume they were at least somewhere in the middle. 

In your card, explain how their class made your child want to join the local little league team, or perhaps it convinced them to try out for the football team. This teacher instilled in them not only a love of sport and exercise, but also helped them understand the benefits of staying fit and healthy. 

Social studies teacher

Before a Social Studies class, students may have been ignorant of the issues some people face in today’s world. This teacher brought attention to the privilege certain students have, and taught them how they could use this to make a difference. 

Let the Social Studies teacher know how they helped your kid to better understand the world around them. Or how their class made your child more aware of the impact they can have. If you’ve noticed your child using what they were taught to make a difference, be sure to tell them about the impression they had.

Arts teacher

Whether it was music, art, or drama, these subjects helped your child fully express their feelings. Arts teachers deserve praise for pulling their pupils out of their shells and helping them realize the person they were meant to be. 

If they were a drama teacher, send them a personalized card with a photo of your child performing on stage. For an art teacher, customize it to include paintings or sculptures your kid made in their class. And for a music teacher, you could include a section of sheet music on the cover. Inside the card, tell them how much you appreciate everything they did to improve your child’s confidence and how much fun they had in this class. 

Send a thank you card to your teacher with TouchNote

Whether you’re sending a ‘thank you teacher’ card from yourself or from your kid, it’s a great way to show them how much of a difference they made, and just how much their thoughtful lesson planning meant to you. Make it a personalized card or include a gift too for that extra special touch. 

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