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New! Gallery Frames – Sort your fave pics to print with our guide

Introducing Gallery Frames! The perfect way to display all of your best memories. We’ll frame a collection of your photos in a beautiful, premium wood frame, then you can mix and match different sizes, colors and layouts of frames to create a gorgeous gallery wall.

But how to pick out the photos to print? Thanks to our trusty smartphones, it’s super quick and easy to take a photo of absolutely anything, anywhere. But when it’s that handy, you can often find your camera roll is left bursting a little at the seams.

Fear not, we’re here with 5 quick steps to help you get it sorted once and for all. It’s time to get organized! With your photos all neatly sorted they’re ready to be popped into your frame in seconds.


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Step 1 – Delete

How to get started? It’s time to make friends with that scary delete button. Say goodbye to all the blurry messes, the badly lit snaps and accidental shots. Where you have duplicates or ‘burst captures’, only keep the best one.

Step 2 – Favorite

So, we’ve deleted a lot now, but you’re not quite ready to part with that snap of your fancy lunch from last week. No problem, you can still shortlist your absolute fave shots for quick access and printing later. Just tap on that lovely heart icon and they’ll save to your ‘Favorites’ album.

Step 3 – Sort

Select some pics and pop them into dedicated albums. You can divide them up by months, locations, people, or even create an album of pics to edit and retouch. Choose snaps straight out of your already shortlisted ‘Favorites’ album or use iOS’s handy features to sort.
To see photos from the same location, swipe up on the pic and tap ‘Show nearby photos’.
To see photos of the same person, swipe up and tap on the thumbnail of their face under the ‘People’ heading.

Step 4 – Routine

Now you’ve done all this great work, you need to make sure it doesn’t build up again! It’s much easier to do it little and often than spending hours sorting. Pop a reminder in your calendar to spend a few minutes tidy your photos on a regular basis.

Step 5 – Print

These fab photos you have after your clear up are definitely worth printing! With everything nicely sorted into dedicated albums, it’s easy to create TouchNote gallery frames filled with your best snaps of your fave people, milestones, vacations and more. Voila!

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